Norton Lindsey Parish Council has the power to award grants to local clubs, groups and organisations within the Parish which, in its opinion, directly benefit the Parish or residents of the Parish.

Unless a grant is awarded through a specific statutory power of the Council, the Parish Council awards grants through Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972.  

The Norton Lindsey Parish Council Grant Policy must be read in full before any application is made. The Clerk will be happy to offer informal advice, without commitment, at any time.

Grant applications must be received by 31 January and will be considered at the February ordinary meeting.

All applications for grants must be made by completing the Grant Application Form and returning it by email to, or by post to Jennifer Bendall, Clerk, Norton Lindsey Parish Council, 7 Brick Kiln Close, Norton Lindsey, Warwick, CV35 8DL.

In 2020/2021 Norton Lindsey Parish Council reviewed the grants it made for the maintenance of the Churchyard, Church Clock and the Church Room. As part of this review, it produced a discussion paper that can be viewed here.

Grants 2020 / 2021

Date AwardedAwarded ToPurposeAmount

Date AwardedAwarded ToPurposeAmount