Report it

Listed below are links to Warwickshire County Council and Warwick District Council website pages where various issues can be reported.

Alternatively, if you wish to report any issues to or raise any concerns with Norton Lindsey Parish Council, please contact the Clerk on 01926 843534 or


Waste management service request

Please use this form to contact the waste management team to:

• Make a general enquiry, comment or complaint
• Request a service
• Report a problem e.g. missed bin collection

Report an environmental pollution issue

Report graffiti/vandalism on council property

Request a Bulky Waste Collection (charges apply)

Report Flytipping

When reporting flytipping, if possible make a note of:-

• The date, time and place of occurrence
• The vehicle type, colour and registration number
• A brief description of the person flytipping

Report the flytipping incident to the District Council even if you were not able to take these details.

Request information on Recycling

For information on:-

• Red box/bag collections
• Recycling centres and tips
• Garden and food recycling collections

Or telephone 01926 353365

Information on recycling centres in Stratford District Council area is available here

Environmental Health

For information on:-

• Noise pollution
• Food safety
• Health and safety at work
• Pest Control
• Private sector housing
• Drainage
• Energy efficiency
• Animal welfare licensing
• Dog warden

Or telephone: 01926 353361



Report Faults/Problems

• Potholes
• Blocked drain or flooding problem
• Mud, debris, or obstruction on the road
• Dangerous tree or overgrown vegetation
• Faulty or worn road markings
• Faulty streetlights
• Faulty traffic signal
• Damaged, missing, or obscured road sign
• Problems with road works
• Ragwort
• Tarmac footpath or pavement fault
• Unsurfaced footpath, bridleway or byway fault
• Faulty bridge or culvert
• Severn Trent Water – sewer flooding
• Abandoned vehicles