Documents and Policies

NLPC Action Plan

NLPC Asset Register

NLPC Code of Conduct

NLPC Complaints Procedure

NLPC Document Retention and Disposal Policy

NLPC Emergency Plan – currently under review

NLPC Financial Regulations

NLPC Grants Policy and Grants Application Form

NLPC Information and Data Protection Policy

NLPC Media Policy

NLPC Members’ Register of Interest     (links to Warwick District Council website)

NLPC Privacy Notice

NLPC Protocol for Holding Remote Meetings

NLPC Protocol for the Recording and Filming of Meetings

NLPC Publication Scheme

NLPC Removable Media Policy

NLPC Risk Analysis

NLPC Scheme of Delegation and Record of Decisions Taken

NLPC Social Media Guidelines and Code of Practice

NLPC Standing Orders

Local Councils Charter – adopted October 2016

Norton Lindsey Housing Needs Survey 2017

Norton Lindsey Parish Plan 2013