COVID-19 Resources

The most up to date information and advice regarding the current Covid-19 situation is available by visiting, the NHS, Warwickshire County Council and Warwick District Council.

Warwickshire County Council’s advice for those who have been identified as extremely vulnerable is available here.

Warwickshire County Council is providing mental health advice and links to resources during the coronavirus outbreak here.

Norton Lindsey Parish Council has set up an Emergency Action Plan to help support all Parishioners during this difficult time. If you would like to put your name down for support, please contact the Parish Clerk who will arrange for a co-ordinator to get in touch with you.

Warwickshire County Council have circulated some useful links to help signpost people more effectively to the right place for help.
* Their new webpage detailing our support offer to the most vulnerable people is now live.
* They have also produced a leaflet that explains the support offer to our most vulnerable people, which you may find informative.
* The Growth Hub website is for all enquiries from businesses about support.
* The helpline numbers for parents enquiring about free school meal support are 0800 4081448 or 01926 359182.
* This is the direct link to information on mental health and emotional wellbeing services available to support all people.
* Please use this link to the WCC dedicated coronoavirus website for the latest updates on Council services.